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Well, here I am. It’s colder than the proverbial well-diggers ass here in western New York state (it is mid-january). I’m reading this week’s New Yorker (read Adam Gopnik’s excellent piece ‘Satire Lives’ in the comment section), which is a very good issue, to be followed by the William Gibson novel The Peripheral. I’ll be seventy soon, hopefully with no tiresome party. My eldest son will be thirty on nearly the same day, so I can usually deflect any celebrations his way.

So, I’ve started this blog mostly for something to do. I do have fairly left of center views, and definite opinions¬†about some of the issues affecting our country and the world. My posts will mostly be reblogs of some of the stories and pictures which reflect my views, with the odd rant stuck in when something really infuriates me.

There you have it.